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When life gives you peaches… make salsa?!

14 Aug

A friend of mine recently offered me a fresh peach slice while eating lunch at her house. I tell you, I almost swooned. It was the most delicious peach I’d had all summer. It was ripe, sweet, and honestly it made me feel like I was at the beach- why I have no idea, but I felt like it was my little slice (pun intended) of heaven. When I told her this she told me about Jaemor Farms which I’d never heard of before. Her father passes by there sometimes and he, being the great father that he is, picks up fresh produce for her family. My friend Amy is passionate about feeding her family fresh foods and has recently started a new series on a blog she writes for on her foray into doing that on a budget. For more info on that you can read her first two posts HERE and HERE. (The blog she contributes to is also a great resource for learning how to coupon and save money. You should check it out!)

So, Amy calls me one day and asks if I would want some of those peaches that had knocked me off my feet the week before. Her father would be passing by the farm the next day and we could split a basketĀ  (note: half of a basket is around 14 peaches….plenty for my family of TWO!). I of course said yes and set up a lunch date at her house for the day following the peach arrival!

I arrived at home after lunch with Amy with my basket, feeling a bit like Red Riding Hood and decided that I must think of tasty things to concoct with these beauties. I was wanting to get away from the traditional southern peach cobbler (it has its place people, no worries, but I was craving something…. different) and after some Pinterest searching and blog reading I came upon this recipe from Taste of Home.* Now I just needed the right opportunity to make it.

The other part to Burlap to Baking, Jessica, and I had our weekly Friday breakfast fun. We love our Fridays and cooking and spending time with friends (obviously– that is why we created this blog) After breakfast was over, we spent the day working from my home and decided she should join myself and my hubby for dinner. We went for a walk and then picked up the ingredients I was missing for salsa making! The salsa became the pre-dinner snacking option as we talked about life and the hubs napped. Let’s just say it was good enough that Jess and I finished half the batch…….so that is about 8 “servings” of salsa. Oops? Oh well, it was great to munch on while we talked.

If you ever find yourself intimidated by salsa making- don’t! It was so simple. All we did was cut up some veggies, throw them in a food processor, and then let it do the work for us! And unless you are buying the fresh stuff from the grocery store, you should definitely consider making your own. Homemade salsa lets you control the flavor AND it is much better for you (note- no added sugar people! And it didn’t need it anyways!)

*The only changes to the recipe I made were the addition of salt and I juiced an entire lime. Also, upon refrigerating overnight, the flavors really had a chance to meld together and created a better salsa day two.