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When life gives you peaches…. part two… make a CAKE!

19 Aug

As I mentioned in last week’s post, my friend Amy clued me in to a somewhat local farm where delicious peaches grow. The hubs and I love fresh fruit, but with only two people in our household and 11 peaches still left, I knew some would get overly ripe before we could consume them. Luckily for the peaches (and for us) I had pinned a few recipe options for my peachy little friends. I was hoping to wait to make this cake until after Jess went to the Dekalb Farmers Market on Wednesday. She was going to pick up some vanilla beans for me (better and fresher) while there.

Alas- I opened the fridge last Monday and found that a few peaches had reached their life expectancy and settled on regular (and overpriced) grocery store vanilla beans. The timing was perfect because we were feeding our Young Life team dinner at our house before planning for the semester (if you don’t know what Young Life is, you should read about it.. it’s awesome and we get to care for high school kids and have fun and laugh… a lot!)

So after throwing dinner in the crock pot, I started making the Vanilla Bean Peach Cake with Peach Soaking Sauce from A Bit of Bees Knees. (You should check out that blog. I loved reading not only the recipes, but the DIY and Fashion tips there too) Making the cake wasn’t bad at all, thanks to my lovely KitchenAid mixer that the hubs’ aunt gave me as a wedding shower gift (one of the greatest gifts ever and from such a sweet lady).

While making the cake I came to realize that it is similar to a pound cake recipe (more on that in a bit). As the butter and sugar creamed together I had to almost sit on my hands to resist tasting that delicious concoction (don’t knock that mixture ’til ya try it). It came to the point where you add the vanilla bean seeds and I realized I had no idea how to appropriately use a vanilla bean. Youtube came in handy as I watched a quick video and cut my bean and scraped my seeds into the bowl. Then on a whim I researched saving the bean pod and TA DA! we now have vanilla sugar in our house as well (if my “ta da” did not do the job of explaining which I get that it probably didn’t- you can save used vanilla bean pods, put them in an air tight container, cover with sugar, and in a week or two you have tasty vanilla sugar for coffee or to add to sweet treats!) But moving along-once the batter was ready I added half to a greased and floured bundt pan, topped with diced peaches, and then topped it off with the rest of the batter. I baked that sucker for about an hour, cooled it in the pan for approximately five minutes (the recipe said for 10 minutes, but I have always found that I am a bit impatient) and placed that beauty on the cake stand my sweet friend Jenn gave us for a wedding present. Then I brushed on the peach soaking sauce (it smelled delicious, I may or may not have tried it… a few times). Once it soaked in, I brushed on two more coats. Mmmm it smelled so tasty!

Notes about the recipe: it calls for two sticks of butter, after making it I would use three. It sounds like a lot, but that is the amount we use in my family’s pound cake recipe and it makes for a very moist cake. The recipe also uses sour cream, I, personally, am more of a cream cheese pound cake fan. I would also switch to cream cheese as I could detect a bit of the sour note from the sour cream- it was not gross, just not my preference. I would potentially use two vanilla beans as I didn’t have too much of the flavor pull through and was hoping for a delicious vanilloughy taste (yep that is not a real word… but you know exactly what I mean.) Also, I might punch a few holes into the cake so the sauce would go further into the cake- the gooey part is my favorite!

For the recipe please use the link above back to Brittany’s blog.