Red Velvet Crepes with Raspberry Preserves and Sweetened Cream Cheese

11 Jun


Red Velvet Crepes with Raspberry Preserves and Sweetened Cream Cheese Filling

Growing up Red Velvet cake has been in my top three cake choices for birthdays (Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Pound Cake are my other two- my mom makes all three of these ridiculously well). Because of this passionate love for Red Velvet (developed over 26 years of “needing” to taste the batter and lick the bowl therefore covering myself in red batter), I have found that many places offering Red Velvet cake have the recipe, well, not quite right. A chocolate cake with red food coloring is NOT Red Velvet. And in my personal opinion, any frosting other than cream cheese just misses the mark. Momma’s red velvet gets its velvety texture from the buttermilk and oil in the recipe. The buttermilk along with a couple tablespoons of vinegar give the cake its trademark taste. There IS cocoa, but it is only a measly two tablespoons (some recipes call for almost a cup! Aye yie yie). Throw all those together with some eggs, flour, sugar, baking powder, salt AND an entire 1 oz bottle of red food coloring and VOILA! you have a deliciously moist red velvety cake.

Now, it has come to my attention over the past year that Red Velvet is a trending flavor. I am seeing such things as Red Velvet Whoopie Pies (Starbucks has them, but I prefer my mom’s recipe and my Williams Sonoma whoopie pie pan), Red Velvet fudge, cookies, pancakes (post coming soon!), and even crepes! I tend to shy away from other people’s recipes due to my Red Velvet snobbery (I promise, it is only because my mom set a high standard!!), but while on Pinterest (yes, BOTH J and I are terribly addicted for baking and craft ideas) I saw this tempting recipe for Valentine’s Day.

This past Friday we made our first crepes. J’s mom made them growing up, so she was a huge asset as I attempted to man the skillet for a bit. My mom was a pancake lady-we also had men folk that demanded a heartier breakfast than the delicate crepe so I missed out. But- all that is behind me now. Friday, Red Velvet crepes with raspberry preserves and sweetened cream cheese filling debuted in my kitchen. It was surprisingly successful.

There were a few things I learned. The recipe we found told you to sift the cocoa before adding it to the dry ingredients. I did not do that and ended up with more lumps than was good for the batter. Also- crepe batter should be very thin. You will use the entire two cups of buttermilk and the cup and a fourth of sweet milk. I had issues with the lumps in the batter NOT working themselves out, so I tried to break up lumps without over stirring the batter. You can use a regular skillet, our crepes turned out beautifully, but a crepe pan ($24.95 at Williams Sonoma) will make the job much easier. The swirling motion is very important to making a uniformly thin crepe and not ending up with a weird pancake. If you do not let the crepe cook the full two minutes on one side (or if you make too thick of a crepe) and you try to flip the bad boy, things can go downhill quickly (I made these again today for my parents and husband and threw away four broken and torn crepes due to my hasty flippage!) And lastly, you may have leftover crepes. The recipe we followed yielded more crepes than cream cheese filling (or perhaps we REALLY like cream cheese filling……), so lay the unfilled crepes on a cooling rack to cool completely and dry out and then you can wrap them up and freeze for a week or two.

Hope this gives you confidence to try something new with confidence. Or just an excuse to indulge in yummy crepes.


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